Once run by the Gatekeeper Verius, Sacrus Synchrona was a land filled with peace an prosperity. In a strange twist of fate, the world has gone from being a single country, to two: Synchrona, the nothern lands, and Acrus, the southern. The pair now battle in an endless war, without anyone to stop it. Now Synchrona is a country within a world of the same name. It is a land of both modern technology and antique charm. It is guided strongly by the All-Knowing, a god who appeared there more than ten thousand years ago. However, this does not mean the country is free of danger. From its neighbor Acrus to aliens of faraway worlds and realms, hundreds flock to Synchrona to search for The Grail, a relic that, according to legend, gave the All-Knowing their powers. It is believed that the next who finds it, will become an equal to the All-Knowing, if not greater…

The Setting
Sacrus Synchrona is the name of the country of Synchrona before the Acrus-Synchrona divide. This fight between lands occurred after the Birth of the All-Knowing. It is unknown why the fight started, but it is known that the divide has pervaded the lands of Sacrus Synchrona since.

Shortly after the initial divide, travellers from a far-distant world called Enid arrived, and supplied the current military technology in use by both Synchrona and Acrus, even though Acrus’ has more dated mecha. The travellers informed Synchrona that they lived three waylines away, and that their next group of warriors would only come after the worlds before this were under the control of the Global Alliance. They announced that these worlds were called Eight Glades and Babealon.

Snapshot of Acrus
Once a part of the glorious land Sacrus Synchrona, this country was born out of a disagreement almost immediately after the introduction of the All-Knowing to the country. Their secession has since resulted in several bloody fights, leading to the current Alien v. Native Laws (AvNs) that are in place in the northern country. Acrus is an impoverished nation, and has no known current leader. The people of Acrus often lead raids into the northern country, stealing various goods and items from border villages. Retaliatory strikes are not uncommon. Acrus, overall, is considered a godless, savage country, and all outsiders are advised to leave this dangerous country be.

Snapshot of Synchrona
When the most recent king, King Reynold Scudo, came into power, he initiated a series of laws regarding keys, as shown below. These laws began because some believed that keys could be used to locate a quicker way to Enid, and have since hunted them down. These laws were enacted with some pressure by the political big shots. It is under speculation whether or not the laws have had any effect on the key violence in Synchrona.

The rules against aliens were forced into play a few years after the arrival of the All-Knowing. While complicated, they have since limited the amount of spies, and introduced a sort of barrier between the people of Synchrona and the multitude of alien visitors they have. It is not uncommon to see travellers from Kidney, but travellers from Orakuru or Babealon are rare or unheard of.

The Grail
A much hunted object obscured in mythos and madness. Hunted universally for its claim to fame: it is the reason the All-Knowing is so powerful. From marauders to the power-hungry kings, The Grail has been hunted in Synchrona for as long as anyone can possibly remember, making it older than even Gatekeeper Verius. The Chosen are often sent on many journeys, before one is finally given the task of hunting for The Grail, never to return.

The Chosen
This is the name of heroes chosen by the All-Knowing to act on their behalf. These heroes are chosen once every fifty years. Considered a group of prophets that are meant to change the fate of the world, The Chosen are often hunted once they are discovered. Many have suffered ill-fates because of their stature. It is also believed that a Chosen can be replaced by another who is stronger than he, but this has never truly been confirmed. But what is most known, is that one Chosen is always selected by the All-Knowing to retreive The Grail. This Chosen, once picked, never returns to the land of Synchrona. Or, at least, no one ever sees them again.

All popular culture references, if any, fall along the lines similar to Earth pop culture. For some simple examples, here are a few stars well known in Synchrona:

JD – Johnny Depp
Twenty Boxing Matches – Matchbox Twenty

However, this does not mean that all of their culture is borrowed from Earth. There are many artworks and terms that are uncommon to any Earthling. Their isolation has led them to develop their own style with some apparently Earth-inspired touches.

Some laws that people should take special consideration of:

  • Key Registration Laws: Keys must register with the government to be eligible for government protection from potential enemies. Unregistered keys who suffer damage to person or property because of their status as a key are not eligible for compensation from their insurance. Registered keys who suffer damage because of their status as a key will be compensated under our country’s law, regardless of insurance policies regarding keys. Insurance companies may refuse to insure a key if a key is registered before applying for insurance. However, if a key is not registered until after receiving insurance, a company may only petition to move a key to the government-sponsored insurance plans. However, if it is believed that this is not a comparable change, the key cannot be removed from the insurance company’s policies under our law. A key is responsible for registering at first discovery of their status. Insurance policies must try to provide a policy that is useful for registered keys. Keys who are attacked on several occassions, to a point that the insurance company cannot safely function with the key on their policy, will be moved a military protection facility, where they will live with government patrols to keep them safe from future attacks. A company who cannot function with at least one key on their policies will be considered bankrupt until such a time that keys can be kept financially within their systems.
  • Key Protection Statute: Attacking a registered key or that key’s property because of their status as a key is an offense punishable by death if captured. One must prove that their attack was not based on the victim’s status. Unregistered keys who are victims of malicious attacks are not covered under this statute.
  • Theivery Laws: Theivery in any form to any person is considered an act punishable by time in the jails, followed up with parole. Parole involves mandatory military service. Failure to show up for duty will result in a return to jail, no questions asked. A prisoner may not re-request parole. The third time a person is imprisoned for this crime, they are eligible for a death sentence. This eligibility is determined on a case-to-case basis. There are instances where in exchange for permanent conditional military service, a thief has been released.
  • Adulthood Laws: The age of adulthood in boys is 12. A girl is considered an adult at 12, or at first menstrual cycle (but no sooner than 10). When a child is considered an adult, they are eligible for marriage. Persons over the age of 18 are permitted to drink and smoke. However, anyone younger than that will be punished legally if captured with alcohol or cigars, cigarettes, or any other various smoking materials. No one, including the king or queen, is exempt from these rules. Adults may take residence outside of their parents or legal guardians’ residence, but a child is to be taken care of and living with the parents or legal guardians until they reach adulthood. No child is permitted to enter a legal contract. Aliens are not held to these rules, but will be punished if captured delivering goods to children or adults under the legal age.
  • Arranged Marriage Statute: Arranged marriages must have written contracts created by the parents, and must be finalized by the arranged couple before the marriage will be considered legal. All benefits attained by either party from these marriages are taxable by the government.
  • Alien v. Native Laws: Housing aliens is illegal without government permission. Aliens may take residence in Synchrona, if living alone and if capable of paying for their residence with their own funds without government permission. Aliens living in Synchrona for more than two years are required to apply for citizenship, if they do not already possess it. An alien is anyone without citizenship, is not born in Synchrona, and their parents were not born in Synchrona. A person may be considered a native if they were not born in Synchrona, but their parents were in fact born in Synchrona. A person will not be considered native if they were not born in Synchrona, and only one of their parents were born in Synchrona. A person will be considered native if they were born in Synchrona, but one or both parents were not, until the parents announce their intended country of citizenship for the child. Children whose parents are aliens are subject to foster care if parents do not attempt to gain citizenship within six months of the child’s birth, if they do not have it already. Aliens from Acrus are not permitted to live in Synchrona, regardless of cause. If someone from Acrus is found within Synchrona, they are immediately deported. If this is their second offense, they are treated like a prisoner of war. If after a negotiated release, a person of Acrus is found within Synchrona a third time, they are killed.
  • Fighting Registration Laws: All fighting competitions are to be registered with the government or risk prosecution. After registering, a competition will receive additional funds to proceed (including the necessary funds to advertise the competition to the general public across Synchrona), and from that point on be considered a government-sponsored competition. A competition is a fight where more than two entities fight a series of battles against one another as a display of power. The only exemption for this registration law is one-on-one duels between two specific entities. These fights, however, are also encouraged to be registered. Entities are considered a team or solo figther, and represent either themselves or an organization. These fights must only be one fight (making it a duel rather than a competition), with one entity against the other, in order to be an excludable competition. However, if a duel causes harms to passerbys or audiences, the fight is considered a brawl and all competitors will be subject to jail time and/or execution, depending on the gravity of the situation. Additionally, many-on-one competitions or groups larger than ten will be considered a gang fight or an attempt to rob the solo fighter, also proceeding in criminal prosecution on a case-by-case basis. There may not be more than two entities in these duels. The third enitity must have individual duels with each of the other entities. However, if these duels happen within one year of one another, they may be considered a competition, requiring registration. This does not mean, however, that each entity may only duel once a year. They simply must not duel the same entities within the same year in a way that does not construe the duels as a compeitition. All entrants to competitions, male or female, are subject to a military draft after registering for their first government-sponsored fighting competition, until they can prove feebleness or they die.

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