Birth of the All-Knowing

History of the Legend

This story is shared from generation to generation as an oral tale. It is generally accepted as a true story, even with its holes. The written versions in publication are written by various historians over the years. Each version is usually written again because a prior version’s are all destroyed. The current version claims that the All-Knowing is a male, which has been the accepted version for the last four thousand years. This idea stems for the most recent sightings of the All-Knowing, held by the latest groups of The Chosen. The quotes in this tale have been repeated upon various art pieces, and considered religious art not to leave Synchronan territory. They go for hefty prices on the Black Market.

The Story

This was a Synchrona long ago, before the All-Knowing graced our lands with his presence. This was a Synchrona guarded most arduously by the kind and wise Gatekeeper Verius. Over his many years of rule, we remember best this last year. Something changed in him that year, as he grew bitter, cold, and distant to the fate of his country. Many say that anyone who asked, only received a bitter reply:

“I will tell you when the time comes.”

So day after day they waited, worried for the state of their disheartened king, who gradually was fading from the public view. This is, until 240 days into the last year of his reign, he called for a public announcement. However, when he got to his balcony, he was not alone. Beside him, an older man with short grey beard and oddly formed dreadlocks stoically watched below. Gatekeeper Verius stood tall, and delivered his final speech:

“Good people of Sacrus Synchrona, I call upon your good graces today, and wish you all well in future endeavors. I fear that my time as your king has come to a end. I shall leave the country in capable hands in my absence, and leave to you a god to watch over you and your new king. The man beside me is that god. This is the All-Knowing, a deity of unspeakable powers. The man to speak to you from this balcony next, is the next king. Good day.”

The silence that fell over the land, as their king walked away for the last time. The man who stood there, the All-Knowing, remained silent, as the people looked at one another. Some shouting came from within the palace, before a new face erupted onto the balcony, gripping the railing for dear life. He waved to the crowd, and spoke the first words. It was in this way, that he became the first new king of Sacrus Synchrona. After he spoke, the All-Knowing shrouded himself in smoke, and uttered the only words all of Sacrus Synchrona ever heard:

“Every fifty years, I shall choose those who will become great heroes of Sacrus Synchrona, until the ends of time. Wait for my herald, and heed my guidance.”

These words have been honored hence, every fifty years…

Birth of the All-Knowing

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