King Reynold Scudo

Current ruler of Synchrona, Reynolds is the son of a former Chosen, and is well-known for his aspirations to become one himself...


This son of the last group of Chosen (literally two of the only survivors) was elected to become king by his parents, when they chose to once again search for The Grail unexpectedly four years ago. The sixteen-year-old has been without the guidance of his parents since, dwelling within the castle walls. His training as king has been handled mostly by the many politicians, particularly his wife’s family, who has taken him in as a second son since his parents’ leaving.

Reynold is a little headstrong, but many imagine that he puts on a strong face for his parents’ sake. It is also believed that the king hides out somewhere secret in the castle when he doesn’t want to do work, which is quite frequently. He is the one, with urging from local politicians, to enact many of the Key Registration Laws (KRLs) that are in place today.


King Reynold Scudo

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