Gatekeeper Verius

Former guardian of Synchrona, Verius watched over the lands and its world gates for hundreds of years...


Little is remembered of Gatekeeper Verius other than myths and wive’s tales. He ruled over the lands until ten thousand years ago, when he mysteriously decided to leave Synchrona in the hands of the All-Knowing. Some of the major stories surrounding or involving Gatekeeper Verius are listed below:

Verius and the Blind Man
Verius and the Beast
The Lazy Guard
Demons in the Den
Birth of the All-Knowing

Gatekeeper Verius also has several traditions attributed to him. The uniform of the bordermen is based on what Gatekeeper Verius may have dressed like. The dictatorship that holds the land is remiscient of how Verius himself ruled over it. Change of power is determined by the present king himself, and no other. People also annually celebrate the rule of Verius on what is commonly accepted as his birthday: December 12. Some people pray to him as if Gatekeeper Verius were himself a god. It is often wondered why he lived and could rule the land for so long, but no solid answers have yet been determined.

Gatekeeper Verius

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