A god that's been for over ten thousand years...


Current guardian of Synchrona, the All-Knowing is a god that’s been around for the last ten thousand years. The All-Knowing speaks to the masses through The Chosen. Over the millenia, various accounts have been formed on the overall appearance and demeanor of this god, adding to its enigmatic nature. It is common for people to select an image for the god as they see fit, whether it is male, female, or of a completely different race. The most commonly accepted vision at this time of the All-Knowing is an old male human with a short grey beard and dreadlocks, fitting the description found here:

Birth of the All-Knowing

Many stories exist about the All-Knowing, since it is believed that they have been involved in everything since ten thousand years ago. Some even speculate the All-Knowing existed before Gatekeeper Verius was even born, and had to be persuaded to watch over Synchrona in Verius’ absence.


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